Koti Cloud - Your Home in the Cloud

One account - all your apps and data, any device, any place, any time.

What is Koti Cloud?

Koti Cloud is a platform for cloud (web) apps. Unlike traditional apps, these apps can run on any device and OS and don't require installation before you can start using them. Unlike traditional websites, these apps work offline too!

Your personal app data is securely stored in the cloud and synchronized between your devices. Wherever you are and whatever device you have at hand - you can log in to your account and instantly get access to all your favorite apps and app data.

Who is this for?

You know how sometimes your favorite app has both a desktop and a mobile version, but they are pretty much two different apps? Not only do you need to install them separately, but also the mobile version is usually not nearly as good and feature-rich.

Found a very cool app and got all excited about it, only to find out it's not available for Linux (or whatever geeky OS you run)?

Bought a new phone and now you have to spend all day re-installing all the apps from your old phone?

Or have you ever found yourself in a boring situation with only a phone or a tablet at your disposal and you're not a big games fan? Maybe this device is not even yours. "I wish I had my laptop with me so I could work on my projects...", right?

Well, wouldn't it be cool if you could just open your browser, no matter what kind of device you've got right now, and get access to all your apps, all your data, all your work?

In other words, Koti Cloud is pretty much for everyone. It is an alternative for your Windows / Mac / Linux / BSD / Android / iOS / whatever apps that run on all those platforms at the same time giving you the same experience across devices.

How do I get started?

The only thing you need is a modern web browser. If you can view this page, you most probably can run Koti Cloud apps. Just browse our app collection and start exploring. You only need an account if you want your data synchronized across your devices (browsers).